Doge coins you can inscribe on satoshis. Because pixels make Bitcoin much wow.

This inscribed json file determines the rules. For example, how much of each item can be inscribed and what the total supply of Dogesats is. All inscriptions exceeding this max do not count.

There will be a maximum of 2,100,000 Dogesats spread over 51,930 inscriptions.

Dogesats are very small images therefore inexpensive to inscribe. Be on time, because only inscriptions within the supply count.

1. Choose an item to inscribe:

Very important!

Use only the images provided on this site and keep them original, otherwise your inscription will not count. Uncheck optimization because it removes the required data. Do not use services that always optimize.

Click on the image to save it.

Max: 30,000
Max: 12,000
Max: 6000
Max: 3000
Max: 600
Max: 300
Much inscribed. Mint soon.
Max: 30
Much inscribed. Mint soon.

See how much has already been inscribed at

2. Inscribe!

You will need:
- A BTC wallet to pay with.
- An Ordinal wallet to receive the inscription. For example: Xverse or Hiro.

Choose one of the services below to inscribe your pixelsat:
OrdinalsBot (Do not optimize!)